Sunday, January 31, 2016

This Monday: It's a Darin Morgan X-Files Episode

Let me clarify this. IT'S A DARIN MORGAN EPISODE. If you ask an X-Phile which of the screenplay writers on the staff they trusted with a great episode, they'll usually mention Vince, and James Wong with Glen Morgan, and occasionally Carter himself (when he knows what he's doing) and then there's Glen's brother Darin.


He's scripted only four episodes - Humbug, Clyde Bruckman, Coprophages, and Jose Chung - but all four are the most beloved, most worshiped episodes in the entire series. He also worked on Blood in terms of the story but not the script, and it's a good episode as well.

This isn't just my opinion. Clyde Bruckman won an Emmy for Best Screenplay, the only X-Files episode to do so (there had been others nominated). If you poll the fanbase, I guarantee you Clyde Bruckman will make the top three, Jose Chung the top five, Humbug the top ten, and Coprophages the top twenty.

Shaenon, she of the Monster of the Week webcomic review, absolutely refuses to sell a print of her recap of Clyde Bruckman to anybody. Only Darin was allowed (it ended up getting bought by Glen as a present to his brother)

I never did a 'Shipper Survey for any of them partly because they all came before Season Five when I started, but I never went back to do them for archival purposes because I can't get snarky or smartass with them like I can with the other episodes. They're too good. (I did contribute to someone's MST3K crossover work on Jose Chung, but a straight-up 'Shipper Survey is asking too much)

We're getting a DARIN MORGAN episode this Monday.

He'll save us. He'll return, as promised, and smite our enemies.

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