Sunday, January 27, 2019

At Some Point I Will Find Time To Do Some Shipping Surveys 2019 Edition

Having kinda been bummed out by the last season's miscues, I'd gotten into a bit of a funk keeping up with this blog.

I'm also seriously focused on fiction writing projects that take precedent.

So, yes this is an excuse to procrastinate, but I will get something blogged here sooner or later. Something 'Shippy and happy and shiny and...

Fine. Whatever.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Looking Back At Season Eleven: Regrets, I've Had a Few...

Looking back on all that Season Eleven had wrought:

1) Still not enough Darin Morgan.

2) The shift of the Mytharc away from "OMG Aliens are here and taking us over with clones and cyborgs!" to "OMG William is a whiny emo why are we even trying to save him?" has gotta hurt.

3) I've been following Lucas the Spider instead.

4) Actually I've just found this one YouTuber doing X-Files reviews and she's kinda about on the same page as I am with the whole "William is a whiny emo" thing:

5) If there is going to be a Season Twelve, Chris Carter needs to give up on bullsh-tting his way out of the corner he's painted himself into, go back to the points where he started screwing up the alien invasion Mytharc stuff, and fix the plot holes he still hasn't gotten around to resolving so we can get up to date on this stuff and bring back some sense of global menace that made the X-Files an unnerving show to watch.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

As Far As the William Arc Is Going This Season

I'm honestly underwhelmed.

The introduction of teenaged William as an illusion-casting self-healing Mutant was slightly unexpected in the middle of what started out as a Monster of the Week (Ghouli), and it seemed part of a disjointed plot to bring some cohesion to a muddled MythArc that had spiraled out of control.

There was a lot of plot ideas thrown at the screen in a 60-minute episode - which begged whether this should have been one of the epic two-parters that informed the MythArc episodes from Season Two forward - and because of that I felt the character development for William went nowhere. He was not given enough time on-screen to show depth.

Although if Smoking Man is his biological father, he's taking after his old man by double-dating and two-timing multiple girls at one time.

Damn that biological urge to breed.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I Will Be Getting 'Shipper Surveys Out. But My Time Is Spread Out...

I'm personally overwhelmed at the moment with other writing projects.

Also, I fear I may miss Darin's episode tomorrow night.

DAMMIT! Tell me there's a repeat viewing later in the week.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Early Thoughts On My Struggle III: Return of the Ass-Pull

Seriously, Chris Carter?


The cliffhanger from last year was ALL JUST A DREAM?! (well, actually, it was all foreshadowing mental projecting from the space-uberchild William)

That's just... that's just damn laziness on your part, Carter! The hell! You set up a world plague, Mulder dying, Smoking Man missing a nose, and a UFO coming to abduct Scully just as she tries to save everybody, and you... you just REWRITE THAT ALL AWAY?!?!

I'm with you Shaenon. I've gotten too jaded for this slop.

Okay, that's it. No more unsupervised script-writing out of you! FROM NOW ON EITHER VINCE OR DARIN EDITS YOUR SH-T FOR CONSISTENCY OR LOGIC OR SOMETHING.

Just go. Just go into that corner you painted yourself into, mister, and stay there until we need a surfing episode out of you or something. Just go.


Friday, December 29, 2017

So, There's a New Season of X-Files NEXT WEEK

All apologies for the long absence. I was hoping to think up of a good entry for the 100th blog post here, but it got away from me.

Instead, here's me posting the official trailer and confirming that, yes, I will post Senseless 'Shipper Surveys for 2018!

(and what's this about Gillian ending her role as Scully?!?!? Scully gonna DIE?! NOOOOOO Clyde Bruckman promised us she wouldn't.)