Fanfiction For The X-Files:

Visit the author's page at Gossamer Archives! And you'll find more incredible fanfic of Mulder/Scully there as well.

Books are italic, and available online through most retailers.  Anthologies will show the story title in quotes.  Estory titles are ebook-only for both Kindle and EPUB formats.

Last of the Grapefruit Wars, 2003 (book)
"Welcome to Florida," 2011 (estory)
"Hero Cleanup Protocol," 2012 (estory)
"I Must Be Your First," Strangely Funny, 2013 (anthology)
"Why the Mask," Mardi Gras Murder, 2014 (anthology)
"Welcome to Christmas in Florida," 2014 (estory)
"The Dread Secret of the Battle of Los Angeles," History and Mystery Oh My, 2015 (anthology)
Body Armor Blues, 2015 (ebook)
"Minette Dances with the Golem of Albany," Strangely Funny III, 2016 (anthology)
"A Serious Tank on a Clockwork World," 2016 (estory)
Surviving the Age of Obstruction: Notes on the Obama Years, 2016 (non-fiction book)
NEW "The Pumpkin Spice Must Flow," Strangely Funny V, 2018 (anthology)

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