Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Okay, So This Happened

It's shown up here and there in the news:

David Duchovny aka Agent Fox Mulder performed at The Cutting Room in New York on Tuesday...
...Duchovny sang from his new album, Hell or Highwater. For his encore he performed a cover of Neil Young’s “Helpless,” and Gillian Anderson aka Special Agent Dana Scully joined him on stage and made us all weak at the knees...

So yeah, kinda towards the end of the night, this happened:

So of course, the media is all expecting us X-Phile 'Shippers to go "AAAAAAAH ZOMG IT'S SO REAL SQUEEEEEEEEE."

...well, we are...

SQUEEEEEEEE says Mary Sue...

And then Gillian Anderson joined him on stage, and the two of them collectively broke everyone in that room.
They teased each other, fist-bumped, and gave each other affectionate pecks. They sung “Helpless” by Neil Young and “Thank You” by Sly & The Family Stone with the band and surprise guest Madeleine Martin, who played Duchovny’s daughter on Californication. Somewhere in my haze of feels, I managed to take some photos and video – much of it ending up on my various social media accounts. I glanced away for a second, and my notifications blew up. I didn’t cry like I had expected to, but I couldn’t get the goofy grin off my face for hours afterward. (And I’m writing this all down now because I don’t want to forget a single second of it.)


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