Thursday, May 28, 2015

Link: An X-Phile Finds Mulder Avenue and Scully Way

This is from 2008-09, and it's apparently an open secret in Ottawa, Canada (eh):

Out of curiosity, I plopped that intersection into Google maps only to find out that it was IN my city! Over half an hour drive from where I live but today, I finally made my way out there and got rather giddy as I saw the street signs. 
I am forever in love with the unknown person who decided to name these intersecting streets Mulder Avenue and Scully Way. I promised people photos, so here you go. :) 

So here you go, straight from Melanie R.'s camera:

This is from a community site, which has picked up in activity with the incoming series revival.  I'll add them to the Links tab to the right.

Filming is scheduled to start soon.

Squeeing had started like, what, five months ago.

Fun times!

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