Monday, April 4, 2016

Personal News: New Story in a Humor/Horror Anthology!

For those of you who remember me as a fanfic writer for the X-Files back in the day, you might notice I've been published with original fiction for the past few years as well.

I've been published once again, this time in a new humor/horror anthology release, Strangely Funny III!

It's an increasingly popular anthology series by small press Mystery & Horror LLC, and they've accepted several of my works for earlier books such as the first Strangely Funny, Mardi Gras Murder, and History and Mystery Oh My!

My story is "Minette Dances With the Golem of Albany," and it's a sequel to my "I Must Be Your First" story from the first Strangely Funny volume. It also involves characters I'm using in a work-in-progress titled Subway Night I hope to finish this year.

Strangely Funny III is currently available as Kindle ebook only, but a print version and EPUB version should be coming soon!

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