Wednesday, September 2, 2015

If I Could Write An X-Files Episode

If I had a chance to pitch ideas for the X-Files revival - for any following episodes that could happen if this 6-episode miniseries has solid ratings - these five ideas are the ones I'd pitch:

  • "Mulder and Scully use fake IDs to join a crew of thieves attempting to heist a rare grimoire."
  • "Scully discovers one of her former trainees when she taught at Quantico has inherited a haunted house.  Wacky hijinks with Mulder and Guest Stars Kat Dennings and Matt Smith ensue."
  • "Aliens are riding the DC Metro."
  • "A town in the Arizona desert suddenly reappears after 100 years with no explanation.  Except for one citizen who isn't what she claims to be."
  • "Mulder and Scully hang out with a middle-aged reference librarian, during which said librarian tells off Mulder for damaging that library book during the Unnatural episode (mutter grumble)."

So... any chance I can wrangle a meeting with the producers for my pitch?"


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