Saturday, April 4, 2015

The X-Files: Detour 'Shipper Survey

This is actually going back to the real beginning.

I started writing up the 'Shipper surveys in Season Five, meaning that there are four seasons through which not a lot of 'Shipper surveys were done.  During the summer months between the later seasons, I would go back and review an earlier episode from early seasons, but never found enough time to do ALL of them in an appropriate way.

It was this episode "Detour" where the 'Shipping elements were so overt that the fans were squeeing a little too much and I decided, "well hell, someone needs to quiz up the fanbase for the right things to say about the episode."

And people liked it.  So I continued on with other episodes that season and went from there.

Looking back on this, you'll notice a few things:

  • I had yet to settle on the pattern of having answer A) be a pro-Scully joke, 
  • Squidge was apparently a word back in 1997,
  • This survey only went five questions rather than a more coherent, detailed twenty questions.

So, here goes:


1) When "Detour" opened with the FBI agents en route to the seminar, did you:

A) Pray that the other two FBI agents wouldn't sing "Kum-bai-ya"

B) Notice that the other two FBI agents were the Mirror Universe opposites of Moose and Squirrel

C) Thank God Mulder was leaning in so close when he whispered to Scully!

2) When Scully brought wine and cheese to Mulder's hotel room, talking about a "par-tay" and FBI rules of sexual conduct, did you:

A) Take the time to listen to the witty, well-thought dialogue between two characters that know and respect one another

B) Wonder if Scully brought red wine and a sob story about her prom night

C) Run off to the computer to start writing a steamy erotic fanfic

3) When Scully found herself alone in the forest, screaming for Mulder's help, did you expect the next scene to be:

A) Scully single-handedly defeating an attacker

B) Scully making a discovery that cracks the X-File open

C) Mulder rushing up to hug Scully and swearing never to ditch her again

4) When Mulder and Scully began their "Sleeping Bag Conversation" did you:

A) Admire the calm, almost magical connection between these two caring characters

B) Wonder why the red-eyed monsters didn't interrupt this special moment

C) STOP writing your erotic fanfic to squidge until collapsing into a sated unconsciousness

5) When Mulder raced at the end to the hotel to rescue Scully from a possible red-eyed monster attack, did you:

A) Expect to find Scully slapping the hand-cuffs on a monster whose camouflage doesn't work against hotel wallpaper

B) Expect Mulder to slam the hotel door into the monster's face, knocking it unconscious while he and Scully belatedly walk away

C) Expect Mulder to catch Scully in the shower, giving them the delicious opportunity to find the soap while the monster leaves and joins a circus act in Gibbston, further down the state

Please send all answers to someone you know is a NoRomo. Thank you.

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