Thursday, January 4, 2018

Early Thoughts On My Struggle III: Return of the Ass-Pull

Seriously, Chris Carter?


The cliffhanger from last year was ALL JUST A DREAM?! (well, actually, it was all foreshadowing mental projecting from the space-uberchild William)

That's just... that's just damn laziness on your part, Carter! The hell! You set up a world plague, Mulder dying, Smoking Man missing a nose, and a UFO coming to abduct Scully just as she tries to save everybody, and you... you just REWRITE THAT ALL AWAY?!?!

I'm with you Shaenon. I've gotten too jaded for this slop.

Okay, that's it. No more unsupervised script-writing out of you! FROM NOW ON EITHER VINCE OR DARIN EDITS YOUR SH-T FOR CONSISTENCY OR LOGIC OR SOMETHING.

Just go. Just go into that corner you painted yourself into, mister, and stay there until we need a surfing episode out of you or something. Just go.


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