Monday, November 30, 2015

Another Moment To Regret Flunking Out of College German Class

So I've been busy with NaNoWriMo this past month - hint: I won - but here I am regularly checking in to the blog to see if anyone's leaving comments, and instead I see I get a bump in traffic from Germany.

...wait, what?

Turns out there's a German blog/news-site that linked to this 'Shipper Survey site.

So here I am following the link, wondering if it's a legit site, and yeah so far it looks like it is, and I can't read it.

I failed out of college-level German, having not really studied it when I was young enough to actually learn the skills (I should have done so in high school when my mind was more open to such things).

I suppose I could use the Translate option, but that feels like cheating.

What the hell is the article saying, may I ask?

Edited I had the site name wrong it's called  And this is weird, from what I can read of the article, they interviewed me, asked questions and I answered and for the life of me I can't... hmmm. Wait. I remember there was an email a few months ago. (checks backlog of emails) Oh ah here it is, from October.

Whoa. GOLEM?!

DUDES! I'm writing a golem into my current urban fantasy novels. What a twist!

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