Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekly Poll 7/13/15: Which Season One Episode Should I 'Ship Next?

Okay, I'm a little swamped at the moment, but the need is paramount to get a newly-written Senseless 'Shipper Survey for Season One.

Problem is, which one should I do next?

I'm not prone to do a survey for an episode that's light on the 'Shipping between Fox and Dana, so getting one in that has 'Shipper potential is a priority over others.  There is *one* episode that's 'Shiptastic (man, I'm running out of 'Ship words) in "Tooms", but I'm saving that for when it's scheduled to be promoted on the 201 Days of X-Files (about 14 episodes away, at least 2 weeks).

So, here I am, polling YOU all for "What Season One Episode Should I 'Ship Next?"

The top five possibilities are:

  • Eve: advantages are it's well-known, a fan-favorite, a creepy plot, and it has Mulder being wrong about the cause right off the bat (which would appeal to the OBSSE crowd)
  • Beyond The Sea: a huge fan-favorite, Scully-heavy, with a shift in the Believer-Skeptic dynamic
  • EBE: a UFO-themed plot with Trust as a major topic, plus the introduction of the pervy Frohike
  • Darkness Falls: scary monster-of-the-week plot, unsettling implications, and it's essentially a date in the woods gone wrong
  • Erlenmeyer Flask: a season finale, wham episode with Rescue!Scully and Hurt!Mulder implications

So, what's it to be, X-Philes?  It's your call.  I give you all three days to vote, gives me time to post the response by Friday.  I shall leave the Comments field open or you can send up flares, broadcast your decision via telepathy, what have you. :)

Also, tomorrow is I HEART PLUTO DAY!

Update: all right.  It will be Beyond the Sea... and never again I'll go sailin...


  1. Are the comments field even working?

  2. Without a doubt, Beyond the Sea. It's by far the best episode out of the bunch.

  3. thank ye for the request, Agent Summer!